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All photographs were taken before the digital era, from 35mm to 4x5 inches. Some were due to assignments or commissions, others simply came as life went by.


They show only a fraction of what I shot of Niki, her family, close friends and partner artists, and of her numerous activities. Niki was always at work, as demonstrated in sections Niki & co, Chateau-Chinon and Tarot.

  • Page "Niki & co" features Niki at work or with family and friends.

  • "Portraits" obviously features portraits but more of these can also be found in Tarots, Tournage and Chateau-Chinon

  • "Tarots" is about her masterpiece the Tarot garden, in Italy. Official pictures of the Tarot, exhibited worldwide, to be found here

  • "Tournage" shows some of the pictures I took during the shooting of Niki's movie "un rêve plus long que la nuit" (a dream longer than night) also called "Camelia".


I might be able to answer specific demands, as obviously not all material could be displayed online


Apart from taking pictures my work with Niki included writing a story for children she illustrated.

It has been recently republished in French (a first edition in the eighties was sold out) under the title "Méchant-Méchant" with the publisher éditions courtes et longues. Also in Spanish and Portuguese, still hoping to publish the English version we wrote.




Ceci n'étant qu'une sélection de ma photothèque, je puis répondre à une demande plus spécifique, y compris pour des tirages limités.

  • La page "Portraits" n'est pas la seule page où figurent des portraits de Niki: on en trouvera dans Tournage, Tarots et Chateau-Chinon.

  • La page "Tournage" montre des images prises lors du tournage du film de Niki "un rêve plus long que la nuit" également connu sous le titre "Camélia".

  • "Tarots" montre des moments de la construction de son chef d'oeuvre en Italie.Les images "officielles" souvent exposées sont sur cet autre site.

J'ai par ailleurs écrit un livre pour enfants que Niki a illustré: "Méchant-Méchant" Editions courtes et longues, également chez Gili Editorial en espagnol (Malo Malo) et en portugais, au Brésil (Mau Mau)


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